Paramore: The Only Exception


the only exception // paramore

and up until now i had sworn to myself
that i’m content with loneliness
because none of it was ever worth the risk

Phantogram: When I'm Small


Phantogram - When I’m Small

Take me underground,
Take me all the way
Bring me to the fire,
Throw me in the flames



Ode to the Owens Valley


(by lavender lullaby)


"gap years gone bad" for cosmopolitan, june 2014

prop styling: priscilla jeong

Bear//Face: Taste My Sad

Sir Sly: Found You Out


I’m running tired of this complex

I was jealous, knowing that you wanted more…




leslie shows | black iceberg no.1

m i n i m a l /

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Bright Eyes: A Perfect Sonnet


Lately I’ve been wishing I had one desire, something that would make me never want another, something that would make it so that nothing matters.


“I am incredibly passionate about my life, I am absolutely unable to hide any emotion. If I wrote a book, I’d have to call it ‘P is for Passion’. I don’t go in for anything halfway. My feelings about things are instant, on the spot. And my heart is always, always on my sleeve.” - Kate Winslet

Lewis Watson: Lamplight

Bombay Bicycle Club: Lamplight


lamplight // bombay bicycle club

never really put me right

the words we said by dim lamplight

bodies cold and intertwined

these scattered flashes of delight

they can’t help but sway your mind